Hair Highlights


Hair Highlights

Highlights offer a less drastic way to add color to your hairstyle
Hair Highlights

Adding hair highlights is a subtle, yet noticeable way to add color and dimension to your hairstyle. Whether you want to go with the thicker, more prominent foil highlights, or more subtle cap highlights, our hair highlight experts at Trix of the Trade can find the style for you.

Before highlighting your hair, your stylist will make sure to discuss your hair highlight options and go over the effect your looking for. We’ll also go over proper care of your newly color-treated hair and how to keep your color looking vibrant for longer.

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Hair Highlights

Highlight Your Features

Hair highlights are a fantastic way to accentuate your best facial features. Our hair color experts can add highlights that will compliment any face shape and skin tone. Your stylist will take your color preference and match it with a shade that will give you the exact effect you’re looking for.

Whether your hair is a natural dark brunette or blonde, highlights are a go-to for adding some depth to any hair color and texture.

Looking for a more eye-catching hair highlight? Ask your Trix of the Trade stylist about a Balayage!


How often can I get highlights?

It will vary depending on the contrast between your natural hair color and the color of your highlights. To ensure the color of your highlights lasts, you should typically highlight your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. Our hairstylists will make sure to consult with you about the recommended time between dyes after analyzing your hair type.

Should my hair color be lighter as I get older?

The answer is yes. Dark hair creates an illusion of more fine lines and wrinkles so you should lighten a shade or two depending on your skin undertones.