Hair Coloring


Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is a great way to break into a new look
Hair Coloring

Hair coloring can be an intimidating change to make. Rest assured, the stylists at Trix of the Trade Salon will make sure to match you with the color you’re looking for. Our hair color experts have years of experience working with varieties of hair color trends and styles.

Inferior hair coloring mixtures that utilize harsh chemicals can cause serious damage to your hair. Our stylists at Trix of the Trade Salon strictly use the highest quality hair color formulas to ensure your new hair color is vibrant, while keeping the same smooth texture. We make sure to stay away from dyes that contain harmful sulfates, ammonia, and other chemicals that can cause detrimental damage to your hair.

Trix of the Trade offers a variety of coloring services. View our Services page for more information.

Hair Coloring

COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy

Kevin Muphy’s 2019 Color.Me collection is a hair coloring option that takes color to a new level.

“Hair colour these days is all about personalisation. We experiment with natural texture and create movement to really enhance the quality of the colour.”
– Kevin Murphy

The Color.Me hair color collection uses naturally derived ingredients and free of both ammonia and PPD, ensuring your hair turns out bright and healthy.


Why does my hair color fade?

Hair color does eventually fade. It fades more quickly on damaged hair. To keep it from becoming more porous, shampoo less frequently. Try not to heat style more than necessary, 2 to 3 times per week and be sure to use a heat protectant. Add a conditioning treatment at the salon to replenish lost moisture. Our hairstylists will be sure to consult with you about proper color care and treatment.

Should my hair color be lighter as I get older?

The answer is yes. Dark hair creates an illusion of more fine lines and wrinkles so you should lighten a shade or two depending on your skin undertones.