Now proudly selling Kevin.murphy products

KEVIN.MURPHY products are designed to provide superior performance, strength and longevity while maintaining high ethical and environmentally friendly standards in production, packaging and testing.

Inspired by the most beneficial ingredients that nature has to offer, the KEVIN.MURPHY range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products is a powerhouse of antioxidants. Natural sources and ingredients including bamboo, orange blossom, orchid, lotus flower and many more help to reduce breakage and assist in repairing the look and feel of damaged hair.

Environmentally Friendly
  • Highest quality natural ingredients
  • Sustainably sourced from renewable materials
  • No harm to the environment
Ethical Testing
  • Products tested on models, not animals
  • Certified as one of the largest animal rights organizations since 2011
  • PETA recommended ‘Cruelty Free’ company
Conscientious Packaging
  • Made from post-consumer waste
  • Secondary packaging made with biodegradable paper/cardboard
  • Square design uses 40% less plastic and has more volume
  • THE HEART OF KEVIN.MURPHY non-profit strives to give back to the community, focusing on both human and environmental issues
  • Learn more at: www.KevinMurphy.com.au