Hairdressers & Stylists

The hairdressers at Trix of the Trade Salon

Our team of hairdressers work with you to visualize the look you want and adapt the style to fit your hair texture and face shape. Know what you want already? Our hair stylists are more than happy to refer to an image of what you’re looking for in a haircut. Not sure what hairstyle you’d like? We’ll also make some suggestions on what would look best on you!


Experienced & Knowledgeable

The hair stylists at Trix of the Trade Salon are all board certified to work in salons in Pennsylvania. Our team has a great deal of experience with a variety of cutting, coloring and texturing techniques. Each of our hairdressers specialize in one or more salon related disciplines including cutting, styling, chemical services, waxing and nail services.

Each member of our team continues training to ensure we are able to offer the latest hair trends to our clients.

Looking to schedule an appointment or consultation with one of the stylists at Trix of the Trade Salon?

What can I expect from my hairdresser?

Your hairdresser will consult with you about your style preference and what you’re looking for in a haircut/color. We may make some suggestions regarding your style to better make it your own. We’ll also suggest some products to attain the desired effect you’re looking for.

Are appointments required?

We do accept walk-in appointments. However, we do suggest making an appointment for longer services (chemical services, nails, etc.) or to get an appointment with a specific hairdresser from Trix of the Trade.

Do you offer other services besides haircuts/color?

Yes! We offer a variety of services including waxing, nails and more. You can view a list of the services we offer at Trix of the Trade Here.